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Pre Workout

Pre Workout

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Third Party Testing

Buy One Plant One

Our ultimate pre-workout powder at Naturecan comes in a delicious and natural mango flavour, available in 25 servings. Power through your workouts or day ahead with Naturecan fitness! 

Key benefits

  • 25 servings - Delicious mango flavour¬†
  • 150mg of caffeine and l-theanine for focus & energy
  • Studies suggest L-Arginine and L-Citrulline may improve blood flow (pump)
  • Studies suggest Black pepper for potential increased absorption (bioavailability)¬†
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Third-party lab tested

Product overview

Introducing our ultimate pre-workout powder from Naturecan. Available in a fruity mango flavour, our vegan friendly pre-workout drink comes in 300ml (25 servings). 

If you’re looking to power through your workouts or a long day ahead, our pre-workout powder is for you. With 150mg caffeine per serving, prepare to feel energised and focused, all day long. 

With extensive third-party lab testing, we guarantee a quality pre-workout powder that meets your needs. From beginner level to athlete, our mango flavour pre-workout drink has you covered. 

Key ingredients in our formula:

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 2:1: Step up your game with L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. This ingredient is suggested for potential muscle growth and energy. 

According to a 2023 study, It may aid in promoting endurance and conditioning, along with protein synthesis, potentially allowing for more intense workouts and a post-workout ‚Äėpump‚Äô.¬†

Furthermore, a 2023 study discovered that L-Arginine may improve blood pressure and body composition, potentially counteracting the stress induced by resistance exercise training.

Feel the difference in your strength and stamina from the first use.

The Science Behind the Synergy: Theanine and Caffeine

  • L-Theanine: L-Theanine is an amino acid that may promote relaxation without drowsiness, according to a 2021 study. Furthermore, it may increase alpha brain waves, leading to a state of calm alertness and improved mental clarity.
  • Caffeine: As the world's most widely consumed psychoactive substance, caffeine is renowned for its ability to enhance alertness, wakefulness, and focus. However, on its own, it can sometimes lead to jitteriness or anxiety.

When combined, L-theanine and caffeine offer the best of both worlds:

  • Enhanced Focus and Attention: Theanine tempers the stimulatory effects of caffeine, reducing the likelihood of jitteriness and anxiety. This results in a smoother, more sustained focus, making it easier to concentrate on tasks at hand.
  • Improved Cognitive Performance: Studies have shown that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine can improve both speed and accuracy in cognitively demanding tasks, enhancing memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

Maximise Your Workout with Black Pepper Extract

Our pre-workout formula is supercharged with black pepper extract, a powerful ingredient that amplifies the benefits of every scoop. Here's why black pepper extract makes all the difference:

  • Boosts Absorption: Black pepper extract, rich in piperine, may enhance the bioavailability of key nutrients. Discovered in a recent study, your body might absorb and utilise more of the active ingredients for maximum effect.
  • Enhances Performance: By improving the absorption of performance-enhancing ingredients like L-citrulline and L-arginine, according to a 2020 study, black pepper extract may help you achieve endurance and strength during your workouts.

Elevate your fitness game with our pre-workout formula, where every ingredient, powered by black pepper extract, works harder for your success.

What does pre-workout do? 

Our pre-workout powder is designed to improve energy, focus and endurance during exercise sessions. 

Containing 150 mg caffeine per serving, this ingredient aims to enhance mental performance, focus and energy for prolonged exercise time. 

Pre-workout drinks stimulate the nervous system and improve blood circulation, improving mental clarity and physical stamina, allowing individuals to push through their workouts with sustained energy. 

When to take pre-workout? 

The ideal time to take our pre-workout powder is typically 30 minutes before starting your exercise routine. This window allows your body time to absorb the ingredients in time for you to begin your workout. 

By consuming it beforehand, you can potentially tap into heightened energy, focus and endurance - The recipe for an optimised training session. 

Feel free to experiment with the timing to find what works best for your body and fitness goals. Additionally, considering the ingredients in our pre-workout like caffeine, it's wise to avoid taking pre-workout too close to bedtime to prevent potential sleep disturbances.

How much pre-workout should I take?

Simply add 16g of our pre-workout powder (one full scoop) to 300ml of water prior to your workout. Shake well until thoroughly mixed and enjoy! 

How long does pre-workout last? 

The duration of the effects of pre-workout drinks can vary on the ingredients and individual factors. 

Typically, the effects last anywhere from one to three hours. Our pre-workout includes the added benefit of caffeine, providing an initial boost in energy and focus that may peak within 30 to 60 minutes after consumption, declining over the next few hours for a stable energy boost. 

What does pre-workout work well with?

If you’re new to the world of fitness and muscle building, why not try our Fruity Whey Protein, Essential Amino Acids and more at Naturecan. These fitness supplements will allow you to prepare for your workout properly, along with recovering safely.  


L-citrulline DL-malate 2:1, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate 2:1, Acid (citric acid), Flavour, Green tea leaf extract, Caffeine anhydrous, Sweetener (sucralose), Black pepper extract, Colour (carotenes). 

Allergens: Produced in a facility which also handles crustaceans, eggs, fish, soya, milk, nuts, lupin.

Nutritional values & Ingredient profile

Serving Size: 16g / 25 servings 

Nutritional Values

Per 100G

Per Serving 


2,111 kJ

338 kJ


496 kcal

79 kcal


<0.5 g

<0.5 g

Of which are saturates

<0.1 g

<0.1 g


1.6 g

<0.5 g

Of which are sugars

<0.5 g

<0.5 g


<0.5 g

<0.5 g


104 g

17 g


<0.01 g

<0.01 g

Ingredient profile

Per 100G

Per Serving

L-citrulline DL-malate 2:1 

Of which L-citrulline





L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate 2:1



Green tea leaf extract 

Of which L-theanine

957 mg 

938 mg 

153 mg 



938 mg 


Black pepper extract

Of which piperine








Why choose Naturecan’s pre-workout powder?

Naturecan offers an extensive and exclusive range of quality  fitness products and supplements. With websites live in over 40 countries worldwide, we use our global reach to deliver the potential health benefits of our products to a growing customer base.

Pre Workout Drinks FAQs

Pre workout vs whey protein

Pre-workout powder contains 150 mg caffeine per serving, this ingredient aims to enhance mental performance, focus and energy for prolonged exercise time. Whey protein on the other hand, is consumed primarily to support muscle repair and growth after workouts. While both offer different potential benefits, they can be used together to enhance your daily exercise routine. 

Is pre-workout powder good for you?

Pre-workout powder can offer benefits when used responsibly. It often contains ingredients like caffeine, which can enhance energy, focus, and endurance during workouts. However, excessive intake or reliance on it may lead to dependency, disrupted sleep, or increased heart rate. Moderation and understanding individual tolerance are key.

Is pre-workout okay for beginners?

Yes, it can be suitable for beginners, but starting with smaller doses is crucial. Beginners may be more sensitive to the effects of pre-workout due to lower tolerance levels. Gradually introducing it allows for assessing personal tolerance and avoiding overwhelming reactions.

How long does Pre-Workout take to kick in? 

Typically, pre-workout kicks in around 20-30 minutes after consumption. However, this duration can vary based on individual metabolism and the specific ingredients in the product. Factors like an empty or full stomach can also influence its onset.

What is the best time to take Pre-Workout?

The optimal time to take pre-workout varies among individuals. Some prefer consuming it roughly 30 minutes before exercising to allow the active ingredients to take effect during their workout. Others opt for taking it right before starting their workout session for immediate energy.

Can I take Pre-Workout at 7pm 

Taking pre-workout in the evening, like at 7 pm, might not be advisable for some individuals due to its stimulating effects. The caffeine content in pre-workout may interfere with sleep patterns or cause difficulty falling asleep, especially if one is sensitive to caffeine.

Is Pre-Workout just caffeine? 

No, pre-workout supplements typically contain a blend of ingredients beyond caffeine. While caffeine is a common component due to its stimulant effects, pre-workout formulas often include amino acids, vitamins, and other compounds aimed at enhancing performance, focus, and endurance.

Is it okay to take pre-workout powder before every workout?

Consistent daily use of pre-workout may lead to tolerance buildup, potentially reducing its effectiveness over time. It's advisable to use it strategically for more challenging workouts or when additional energy and focus are needed rather than before every single workout.

Is pre-workout a fat burner?

While pre-workout supplements are not primarily designed as fat burners, certain ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract found in some formulations may potentially improve metabolism. However, their impact on fat loss tends to be modest and varies among individuals.

What is the best pre-workout?

Determining the "best" pre-workout often depends on personal preferences and individual responses. While many factors contribute to this choice, Naturecan’s mango pre-workout drink stands out due to its rigorous third-party testing, ensuring high quality and ingredient transparency. This verification provides reassurance regarding its safety, potency, and reliability, making it a top choice for those seeking a well-tested and trustworthy pre-workout supplement.

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